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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Couples Psychotherapy

Relationships are crucial to our well-being and health, but they are also challenging to navigate  - especially over time. Even the healthiest relationships have struggles and rough patches that sometime require the help of an outside guide and observer. I help couples learn how to communicate effectively so their interactions are productive and healthy rather than hurtful and toxic. I also help couples heal from past painful experiences, enhance their connection to one another, and balance the demands of work, family, and children. 

Couples Specialties:

Communication Challenges

Conflict / Fighting Cycles That are Difficult to Break

Emotional or Physical Infidelity

Enhancing Emotional and Sexual Connections

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Couples

Navigating Relationship Boundaries

Balancing Work / School / Relationship

Alternative Relationship Styles / Kink



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